Sissel Mutale Bergh (1974) is educated from the National Academy of fine arts, Oslo – Norway, and University of Technology – Fine art depatement, Durban – South Africa. She has lived and worked in Lusaka, Zambia – were she co-founded the Munandi Art Studio. She is currently based in Trondheim, Norway. In 2015 she received a 5 year working grant by the Arts council in Norway. She is currently working to develop a series of experimental short documentaries, “knowhowknow” – supported by the MidtNorsk film center , and a book project, “Ajmodh ajtodh” – collecting traces of Saami culture at the coast of Møre and Trøndelag (Nordland). The project Dalvedh, which took 5 years to create, are currently traveling on the third year. In february – april 2016 at the Saemien sijte, South Saami cultural heritage center and museum in Snåsa. From June – August  2016 it will be at the Falstad memorial center and from september 2016 at the Røros museum.