“Dalvedh” was a five year long (2009-2014) investigation into the writing of history and the erasure of the (South) Sámi presence. Who write our history? What interests was at stake? What sources of information was not considered? What purpose does the production of history have?

Sound: Frode Fjellheim     http://vuelie.no

“Dalvedh” is a South Sámi verb which means: to come into view, to appear,to come from a far, to return after being long gone.

The project has been shown at Gaaltije South Sami center in Staare/Östersund, Trondheim Kunstmuseum, IKM- Intercultural Museum in Oslo,

Dalvedh at the Trondheim Art Museum september 2014
Dalvedh=to reappear
Dalvedh, music and technical solutions by Frode Fjellheim
at the opening
At the opening
"Njalle (storage space)"
As far as I can see
detail water balance
daastegh dabpanahkh
remnants of drum found in the mountain
"Reversed ethnography"
research station
"Reversed ethnography"
trønder dialect compared with southsaami language
"In the peat"